Connected Commerce : Speeding the Lifeblood of Business

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Commerce—the very lifeblood of business—has changed dramatically in a matter of years. Technology has made possible such capabilities as automated online self-service, electronic payments, mobile access, social media and real-time information sharing. Such features are no longer just nice to have—they are core requirements to satisfy both business and consumer buyers.To remain competitive and relevant, every enterprise must harness today’s connected technologies to interact more effectively with prospects, partners and customers. Commerce has to involve far more automated, real-time interactions than seemed possible just a few years ago. The most eye- catching changes are happening at the frontline with customers, such as sales people using iPads to demonstrate product features face-to-face with customers, or to collect payments on the spot using card reader attachments.

Equally fundamental changes are taking place in the supply chain, with suppliers able to access and update purchase orders in real time, in some cases arranging maintenance or replenishing stock in response to automated alerts from their customers’ equipment. These changes place new demands on the financial and accounting systems that lie in between, requiring rapid updating and reporting of transactions so that information analysis and decision-making is accurate and timely.

Enterprises are adapting to these new modes of commerce across both online properties and physical outlets, on mobile devices or through connected ecosystems of partners, in traditional product sales and in newly evolving subscription relationships. So far, this revolution in how interactions take place has touched only early adopters. It will
go on to touch every enterprise, from the most innovative online consumer brands to the most staid of traditional B2B companies.

So what does this all mean for SMB and retailers in NZ? Over the next year we are going to provide some insight into the local market, what changes are taking place, and some thoughts and advice to help plan and prepare. We are in no doubt that this is a significant change for many and with the onset of UFB and lower cost mobile data, smartphones and tablets we think the pace of this change is only going to accelerate. If your interested to discuss your plan and strategies and more about this evolution please reach out to us, we’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

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